5 Street photography projects ideas during corona lockdown

(Photo by: Guillaume Groen / De Beeldunie )

It is a difficult time. The whole world is in lockdown because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and waiting to get sick of COVID19 until we have the antibodies to cope with the disease for this season. Many countries have placed their citizen under a ‘lockdown’ some countries have a complete lockdown and others a partial… Continue reading 5 Street photography projects ideas during corona lockdown

X-Pro 2 eyecup and diopter dial

(Photo by: Guillaume Groen / Daily Observations )

This post contains affiliate links. I am a glass wearer. When shooting, I never use sunglasses. I am farsighted so everything close I can see. But I have a really big cylinder in my glasses. But I always shoot street photography without glasses. I press the camera in my eye socket, and the viewfinder is… Continue reading X-Pro 2 eyecup and diopter dial

Street photography equipment and tools

Daily Observations

What I use and what I advise for the starting street photographer. You can do Street photography with any camera. It is simple to start. Open your front door and enter the street. When you start photographing on the street there some things to consider, I will go into these and how I have solved… Continue reading Street photography equipment and tools

5 tips on how Ansel Adams can help your Street Photography

For the Masters of Photography series. For me, Ansel Adams(b. 1902/d. 1984)) was always a landscape photographer. He is the most famous landscape photographer that lived. After his death in 1984, his work only became more popular. He stopped school at the age of 12 and proved a remarkable autodidact. He became a serious and… Continue reading 5 tips on how Ansel Adams can help your Street Photography

How the Sunny-16 rule helps

15 Augustus 2017, Umbrie, italie. Het is ferragosto en de italianen vrieren de katholieke feestdag van maria ten hemelopneming, Het is ook de traditionele start van het italiaanse vakantieseizoen waarbij de italiaan een trip maakt. Van 1 dag van 50 km tot 100 km ver of meerdere dagen. Samen met familie ontsnappen ze de hitte om te barbecue'en en te loungen met vrienden en familie. Deze foto is gemaakt op de top van de Monte Subasio waar deze italianen genoten van de Zon en de tijd samen. 15 August 2017, Umbria, Italy. It is ferragosto, and the Italians celebrate the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary which coincides with the traditional start of the Roman holiday. Traditionally the Italians take a trip. A one day trip 50 to 100 kilometres far or a longer trip for 2 or 3 days. Together with family, they go to the countryside. To escape the heat, barbecue and lounge with relatives and friends. It was on the top of the Monte Subasio where these italians enjoyed the sun, lounged and celebrated their days off.

With the digital camera’s of today, we tend to forget that photography exists for ages until the arrival of the digital camera. Photographers used light meters to measure light to set the correct exposure for their camera. The light from the sun is the same for millions of years. A long time ago before light… Continue reading How the Sunny-16 rule helps

What is street photography?

Daily Observations, Lagos, Portugal

What is street photography? Is it just photographing the street? Or is it so much more? Street photography has become a metaphor for candid, unposed images taken in spaces (inside and outside) with people. It is social documentary photography, with a central subject of documenting or photographing the human condition. To me, it does not… Continue reading What is street photography?

The last Christmas tree fire… Hoorn, The Netherlands

Hoorn, West-Friesland, Noord-Holland, Nederland, 4-1-2020 Tijdens de allerlaatste kerstbomenverbranding in de gemeente Hoorn komen mensen samen om hun kerstbomen te verbranden en van het grote vuur te genieten. De (vrijwillige) brandweer begeleid het vuur. En houd de mensen op afstand. (Photo by: Guillaume Groen / De Beeldunie )

Kids bring the Christmas trees they found in the neighbourhoods to the Christmas tree fire. Some children asked their neighbours and came with more than one Christmas tree. For every tree they bring they get a bag of candy and a lottery ticket. For the past years, the municipality of Hoorn created a pile of… Continue reading The last Christmas tree fire… Hoorn, The Netherlands

14 Street Photography secrets that get you started

Daily Observations

Here are 14 Street Photography secrets that get you started. 1 | Start local You would be surprised how many street photographers go far away and never photograph around their neighbourhoods. Walk the streets, and you’d be amazed at how many usable images you make. You know where to go and what to shoot. You… Continue reading 14 Street Photography secrets that get you started

The Fujifilm X-pro 3 a street photographers dream?

A Purist camera? Final Thoughts

The traffic controllers

Gert-Jan en Ronald wachten op de fietsbus die over de afsluitdijk rijd. Ze vangen de fietsers op die tot het monument rijden om daarna met de bus verder te rijden tot aan den oever waar ze weer uit kunnen stappen en verder kunnen fietsen. De afsluitdijk wordt de komende jaren opgeknapt waardoor er veel aan de dijk gewerkt wordt. Het fietspad is daardoor afgesloten. Vlietersmonument, Afsluitdijk, Den Oever, The Netherlands

The Traffic Controllers… The Afsluitdijk, Friesland, The Netherlands