Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality.

A boy sunken in his Smartphone, Disconnected from reality.

Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality

It is the age of the smartphone; the internet is our new life, our social network. Just a few years ago we would buy a magazine, or a newspaper to read while we waited. Or make a chat with the person next to you. But we live our lives digitally, online. On the Internet. Our lives are anonymous; We walk around with headphones on to block the world around us. Just because we want to escape the stimulus of the street. But at the same time, we stopped looking around, enjoy all the wonders of the community around us. The world.

Daily Observations Workshops

By Guillaume Groen
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June a boy was disconnected from reality and totally absorbed by his smartphone. 16-6-2018, Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality... Amsterdam, The Netherlands - As we street photographers roam the streets, observing and recording the fleeting moments that we encounter. Those Daily Observations go into photo books or as fine-prints on the wall as Street Photography grows as a profession and a medium.


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