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Show up and do the work

A famous saying is that you can be whatever you want. And to some degree that is true. To be whatever you want has to do with connection, education and knowledge and work. Many hours of hard work. And sacrifice.

The 10-000-hour rule

Bubble Boy

We all heard of the 10.000-hour rule. Which says that when you put 10.000 hours of work into that what you want to be good at you will make it. These hours amounts to putting the effort in and show up and do the work that needs to be done. It just does not come out of itself.

Let’s say you want to be a truck driver. That is a great job, The open road, Freedom, Go whenever you want. But it is also long hours, rushing to be on time, not seeing your family during the week if you drive an international route.

Let’s say you want to be a professional athlete. We all like sports. And we all want excel in it. Win and be one of the best. Do you feel the rush of standing on that podium, receiving the medal or the cup? But the other side is that it is one of the poorest paying jobs in the world. You have the glory, but you are always trying to find money to pay the bills. Gym bills, Paying your coach, And the hours you spend training. A typical day for an athlete starts at 6:00 or 7:00 with a light training. Then at 11 again weightlifting of power training. Then eating and sleeping until 3 o’ clock, again a skill training after your skill training eating and sometimes a training in the evening. Go to bed around 10:00. And that day in day out. A full agenda. Always working to peak at the next game or championship.

Sacrifice and hard work


To be doing the things you love sacrifice and hard work is needed. It just does not come instantly. As a photographer, i sometimes look at the images from years ago, and then I am proud of the achievement. I am proud that my work grew and became so much better than the work from years ago. And still, I think I can do better after more hard work and shooting more.

To become better, you have to do the work, the sacrifice. You have to show up and put yourself to it.

Challenge the street

Two ladies in the wind

Street photography works the same way. There are so many challenges to overcome, fears to conquer and work to be put in to be what and where you want to be. To make images that make you proud.

Challenge the street, experience it, immerse yourself in the surroundings and observe what happens around you. The streets are alive and document it.

Daily Observations Street Photography Workshops

By Guillaume Groen
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June a boy was disconnected from reality and totally absorbed by his smartphone. 16-6-2018, Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality... Amsterdam, The Netherlands - As we street photographers roam the streets, observing and recording the fleeting moments that we encounter. Those Daily Observations go into photo books or as fine-prints on the wall as Street Photography grows as a profession and a medium.

One to One Street Photography workshop

Bespoke one to one street photography workshop

Explore Amsterdam and experience the city. From the old docks of the NDSM shipyards. To the city centre with the Dam Square and the Kalverstraat. The red-light district. The daily market to the optional Zuid as with all its high-rise.

Reach out to me to discuss options and areas of your photography that you like to improve

Sessions are 4 hours long.

Group Workshops

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