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Street photography courage in 5 steps

Doing Street photography well takes courage.

Step 1: prepare yourself.

It takes courage to photograph on the street. When you are insecure about yourself, it can be tough to step out and shoot on the street although you can use your camera as a shield. You still have to be present.

How to prepare yourself? It takes street focus to be able to see the moments. Clear your ‘things to do’ list. Do the laundry and groceries. Make that appointment and respond to the open emails. When everything is ready, set the silencer on your phone and leave it in your pocket.

Clear your head and when all these things are attended to you are ready. Leave all distractions behind and open the door.

Step 2: Decide where and step out.

Keep it close. Often just your village, town or city is sufficient. There is always something inspiring going on. Look at the work of William Eggleston as inspiration.

You can always take public transport or your bicycle to the next city.

Step 3: Build courage, stand on a corner and make that first image of the day.

Daily Observations Urban Photo Race 2017 Amsterdam 10 Hours, 6 Themes 4 locations, Per theme 3 pictures.

Ever so often it is difficult to make that first photo. It often is a chain of events. The first photo leads to the next and then another one.

To get over that doorstep and make that first step that leads to your first image of the day you can stand in the middle of a square or on a busy street corner. While standing there, soak up the atmosphere, blend in and observe. After all your preparations it will lead to the first image. It does not have to be a good photograph, Just the first photograph. And that will lead to the next one. And more.

Step 4: ASK someone for a portrait

When you are on a streak, you will see inspiring people. People that stand out. Fit in a project that you are doing or inspire you. Ask them if you may make a portrait. Chat with them, ask them their story. And sent them your picture.

When you have photographed someone empowers you; It boosts your confidence. It will want to make you shoot more.

Step 5: publish the images online.

When you finished photographing, there are two options.

  1. You import your images on your computer Caption the pictures and let them ‘soak’ for a while. Leaving them for a few weeks, months and look back when you have no attachments with the photos anymore.
  2. You import the images on your computer and choose 5 or 6 images that are your favorites. Caption the photos and edit the selected images. And decide when to publish them.

Keep them and form an image story or decide on when to publish them on your image blog, website, Instagram and social media.F

Follow these 5 steps and you have gained in your street photography courage

Daily Observations Street Photography Workshops

By Guillaume Groen
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June a boy was disconnected from reality and totally absorbed by his smartphone. 16-6-2018, Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality... Amsterdam, The Netherlands - As we street photographers roam the streets, observing and recording the fleeting moments that we encounter. Those Daily Observations go into photo books or as fine-prints on the wall as Street Photography grows as a profession and a medium.

One to One Street Photography workshop

Bespoke one to one street photography workshop

Explore Amsterdam and experience the city. From the old docks of the NDSM shipyards. To the city centre with the Dam Square and the Kalverstraat. The red-light district. The daily market to the optional Zuid as with all its high-rise.

Reach out to me to discuss options and areas of your photography that you like to improve

Sessions are 4 hours long.

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