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The traffic controllers

Gert-Jan en Ronald wachten op de fietsbus die over de afsluitdijk rijd. Ze vangen de fietsers op die tot het monument rijden om daarna met de bus verder te rijden tot aan den oever waar ze weer uit kunnen stappen en verder kunnen fietsen. De afsluitdijk wordt de komende jaren opgeknapt waardoor er veel aan de dijk gewerkt wordt. Het fietspad is daardoor afgesloten. Vlietersmonument, Afsluitdijk, Den Oever, The Netherlands

The Traffic Controllers… The Afsluitdijk, Friesland, The Netherlands

The afsluitdijk is closed off for pedestrians and bikers. Rijkswaterstaat will be renovating the Afsluitdijk the coming years. A new outside layer of concrete layering will be added to the North – Sea side of the dike. To be able to work Gert-Jan and Ronald wait for every pedestrian and Biker to pass alongside the bike paths and direct them to a bus that will bring them to the other side of the Afsluitdijk. 

Daily Observations Street Photography Workshops

By Guillaume Groen
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June a boy was disconnected from reality and totally absorbed by his smartphone. 16-6-2018, Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality... Amsterdam, The Netherlands - As we street photographers roam the streets, observing and recording the fleeting moments that we encounter. Those Daily Observations go into photo books or as fine-prints on the wall as Street Photography grows as a profession and a medium.

One to One Street Photography workshop

Bespoke one to one street photography workshop

Explore Amsterdam and experience the city. From the old docks of the NDSM shipyards. To the city centre with the Dam Square and the Kalverstraat. The red-light district. The daily market to the optional Zuid as with all its high-rise.

Reach out to me to discuss options and areas of your photography that you like to improve

Sessions are 4 hours long.

Group Workshops

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