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What is street photography?

What is street photography? Is it just photographing the street? Or is it so much more? Street photography has become a metaphor for candid, unposed images taken in spaces (inside and outside) with people. It is social documentary photography, with a central subject of documenting or photographing the human condition.

To me, it does not matter, Candid or with permission, Posed or unposed. Inside, outside. Colour or black and white. It is just documenting the essence of human life, the human condition.

Wear good shoes

While walking the streets of the world, it is all about exploring and experiencing your surroundings. It is genuinely possible to shoot your images in the same area or street corner even for decades and come home with beautiful photos. When photographing on the streets, it could be a physical challenge.

Moving up and down gives you almost a workout. Not photographing from the same standpoint and regularly shooting from a lower or higher perspective makes your images far more appealing and brings more variety. When creating images and exploring the street, you are walking a lot. Wearing good and comfortable shoes helps you not to get distracted so that you can focus entirely on your photography.


When photographing people, emotion is what drives the image. Whenever we look at another person, we first look for the eyes and then the face. It shows how the person feels and in what emotive condition he or she is. The second thing we look for is the complete composition. When there are people, but no faces are visible, the image is less appealing. Then the composition of the image becomes more important.

By looking at the image, we can see what we are trying to convey.

Learn to look

When you walk around, there is always something happening. Be comfortable with your surroundings, and you will start to notice specific scenes. Not just watching but really looking. You cannot have any distractions. You have to be there at that moment to see what is happening around you and notice the photographic moments. When I shoot with others in the street, I am less effective than when I walk and shoot alone.

It works like a muscle. By walking around and looking, you will train your eye in seeing. When that is happening, you will see it is all around you.


Street photography is always a surprise. Some days I come home with just one image. And sometimes with ten pictures. You never know. But they are always unexpected. It is that unpredictability that makes street photography so exciting and fun.

What is street photography? Running girl with her umbrella on a dotted line is a comparison of Henry Cartier Bressons famous image of a jumping man.

The decisive moment

Hailed by Henry Cartier Bresson. These days, everyone is looking for that decisive moment. That one moment that everything comes together. That split-second when you see and make a photo.

What many do not know is that sometimes he waited hours for that specific moment, That decisive moment. He was a master of his trade. But sometimes it just does not come together. Those are the moments that we do not know.

Your decisive moment needs time. Compose an image in your head and wait and shoot. At that particular moment, everything comes together, and you have a decisive moment. They happen all the surrounding time. You have to learn to look and be there at the right moment.

Creating your style

You can do street photography in so many ways. But two things are essential. How your images look and what you photograph. Creating a particular style will happen gradually.

For example, photographing with or without flash, Are you a creeper or do you always ask permission? The way you photograph should fit your personality. (a creeper comes from nowhere makes an image and disappears. Bruce Gilden is a beautiful example)

In my life, I always use the phrase ‘do not do to others what you would not do to yourself’ So if you are okay when a creeper photographs you then you can do that.

Always work with a central theme or project. It guides you and makes it easier to filter out images when photographing.

A way of living

Street photography is a way of life. You have to go out and make images. They do not happen when sitting on the bench at home. It is your vision that you convey. You have to approach people. Go out and make art.

Daily Observations Street Photography Workshops

By Guillaume Groen
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June a boy was disconnected from reality and totally absorbed by his smartphone. 16-6-2018, Only the smartphone, disconnected from reality... Amsterdam, The Netherlands - As we street photographers roam the streets, observing and recording the fleeting moments that we encounter. Those Daily Observations go into photo books or as fine-prints on the wall as Street Photography grows as a profession and a medium.

One to One Street Photography workshop

Bespoke one to one street photography workshop

Explore Amsterdam and experience the city. From the old docks of the NDSM shipyards. To the city centre with the Dam Square and the Kalverstraat. The red-light district. The daily market to the optional Zuid as with all its high-rise.

Reach out to me to discuss options and areas of your photography that you like to improve

Sessions are 4 hours long.

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