Why shoot Street Photography?

1| Because it is free

Signore, Guarda me Daily Observations Street Photography

Just grab your camera and go. Nothing is withholding you to pursue a day of free roaming the streets. And experience life. Shoot some beautiful portraits. Meet new people, Interact with the street.

2| Wear good shoes

Two ladies in the wind

The latest advice from magnum photographers on Lensculture is to Wear Good Shoes. Especially for Street Photography. When you shoot in the street you walk large distances. As people, we do not walk enough. We sit at our desks all day. To take the elevator to our cars in the parking garage. Sitting in our cars and drive home to park the car directly in front of our homes and sit at the dining table to eat a large meal when we are done we sit at our couch until we go to bed and lie down. We are lazy.

We do not walk anymore. Buy good shoes because wearing bad shoes distracts you from what you should be doing. And that is experiencing the street and making beautiful images. If you do not have them invest in good comfortable shoes. I use Dr Martens in the winter and All-Stars in the summer. Especially All-stars are like limousines for the feet when worn in properly.

3| Shoot with any camera

rainbow shower

It does not matter what type of camera you use. A DLSR or just a plain iPhone. Maybe a film camera. The camera is not important. It is you the photographer that sees and creates the stories. That presses the shutter when it is happening. Who interacts with the people on the street.



Just grab your camera. A bag and some money for a good cup of coffee. Charge your batteries and format your memory cards and just go. Walk and shoot the streets of the world. Interact with people. Meet them, Create beautiful street portraits. Document life and experience it.

Street Photography is liberating. It confronts you with you. Every time you leave the house to set off on a new adventure you learn something new. You learn something about yourself and you confront your own boundaries, To challenge your fear in photography and in life and to look and read light. Create a better edit every time you come back. You learn to tell stories through your images.

Street Photography helps you to be more open and social.


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