X-Pro 2 eyecup and diopter dial

(Photo by: Guillaume Groen / Daily Observations )

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I am a glass wearer. When shooting, I never use sunglasses. I am farsighted so everything close I can see. But I have a really big cylinder in my glasses. But I always shoot street photography without glasses. I press the camera in my eye socket, and the viewfinder is just right before my eye, This is better than the viewfinder of the DSLR, Where you have the camera almost entirely in front of your face. It allows me to look with both eyes, and because I always use the OVF (Optical Viewfinder), I experience the street as it is.

But something is annoying with the X-Pro 2. Directly next to the viewfinder, there is the diopter adjustment dial. And when you press the camera against your nose in your eye socket, the diopter dial turns, and it changes the setting with the result that the viewfinder is unsharp.

As a street photographer, this is something you do not want. Gear should not be in the way of your street photography experience. And it sucks when it happens.

FujiFilm X-Pro 2 Diopter dial and viewfinder eyecup

The quick and dirty way of locking the X-Pro 2 diopter dial.

I set the dial at the desired setting and placed a small piece of gaffer tape over the dial so that it does not turn anymore.

I placed the tape almost at the beginning of my X-Pro 2 use I have never had any accidental diopter dial adjustment anymore.

Did you ever lose the X-Pro 2 viewfinder eyecup?

My X-Pro 2 was in a bag in when I removed the camera from the pocket there was no rubber eyecup anymore. Luckily I found it in the bag and was able to reattach it. But if I lost the eyecup, I would not know where to find a new one.

The X-Pro 2 eyecup is a small rubber piece that is attached around the viewfinder and shields your eye from the sharp metal edges of the viewfinder. It is easily attached but just ‘clicking’ it in but can be lost.

JJC FujiFilm X-Pro 2 viewfinder eyecup

JJC makes X-Pro 2 replacement eyecups that you can find on amazon. It is always good to have some spare in your bag.